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The Classrooms

     SAECE offers a varied early childhood education program designed to stimulate and sustain growth in all developmental areas. Each child's needs receive special attention and programming.

Classrooms are well equipped with appropriate educational tools such as computers and educational software necessary to aid in children's development. Other activities include: arts, crafts, fieldtrips, story time, language enrichment, music, circle time, gym, library as well as small and large group play.

We offer inclusive classrooms with choice of classes in the mornings or afternoons -- 2, 3 or 5 days per week.

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A quality preschool must provide a safe, nurturing environment where children are actively engaged in learning. Young children need a variety of opportunities to look, touch, hear and move if they are to learn. Three, four and five-year-old children use play as a way to discover and master themselves and their world. Our classrooms are divided into learning centers. These allow children to make choices, to move freely and independently, to explore, and to experiment.


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The SAECE Classrooms feature the following...


  • Science/Discovery Area

This center provides an opportunity to:

  • practice cause and effect reasoning
  • make predictions
  • practice classification skills
  • stimulate curiosity
  • problem solve
  • develop observation skills

* * *


  • Sensory/Tactile Area

This center provides opportunity for:

  • small muscle development
  • eye, hand co-ordination
  • the practice of social skills
  • the practice of problem solving skills

* * *


  • Outdoor Playground/Gym Time

This center provides for:

  • large muscle co-ordination
  • body awareness (strengths and limitations)
  • balance skills
  • cause and effect reasoning
  • co-operation with peers
  • eye-hand co-ordination

* * *


  • Art Center

This center provides for:

  • the development of eye-hand co-ordination
  • creativity
  • cause and effect reasoning
  • developing colour concepts
  • small motor co-ordination
  • visual discrimination
  • shape, size, sequencing concepts
  • an appreciation for the process, not the end product
  • Dramatic Play Center

This center provides opportunity for:

  • developing an awareness of roles people play
  • developing feelings of group belonging
  • improvement of expressive language
  • improvement of cause and effect reasoning
  • developing decision making skills
  • encourage creative problem solving
  • peer interaction and co-operation
  • developing leadership skills

* * *


  • Music Program

This provides for:

  • an increased sense of rhythm
  • improved concept development - counting, rhyming
  • the development of auditory discrimination
  • body awareness
  • feeling of group belonging, taking turns, co-operation
  • improved receptive and expressive language

* * *


  • Table Toy Center

This center provides for:

  • development of small motor co-ordination
  • development of eye-hand co-ordination
  • development of classification skills

* * *


  • Circle/Group Time

This center provides for:

  • teacher/child group interaction
  • development of conceptual learning
  • development in the ability to follow one/two step directions
  • the introduction to expectations of being part of a group
  • development of listening skills
  • developmentof speech and language skills


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